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KNX technology has been steadily gaining popularity in Egypt, particularly in the fields of home and building automation. There have been several noteworthy KNX projects in the country, including installations in hospitality, banking, commercial and residential sectors. These projects demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of KNX solutions in various applications.Egypt’s unique market dynamics, including its growing interest in automation, energy efficiency, and smart building solutions, make it a promising environment for KNX adoption. Additionally, the country’s strategic geographical location in the Middle East and North Africa region positions it as a hub for technology innovation and collaboration.We anticipate significant growth in the adoption of KNX technology in Egypt in the coming years. As awareness and demand for automation and smart solutions continue to rise, KNX is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of building and home automation in the country.

User Club President

President of KNX Userclub Egypt, Mohamed Ali, has over a decade of experience in the KNX and home automation field, and also serves as a co-founder of Techbox Automation Training Center in Egypt. He is a KNX tutor, a Control4 instructor, and, in his capacity at Leaf Connect Company in Dubai, he works as both a trainer and technical support engineer. Mr. Ali holds multiple certifications from KNX, Control4, and other manufacturers, and is active in the UAE, the GCC countries and the Middle East.

User Club Vice President

Vice-President, Mostafa Ghaly, is a KNX certified Partner with over 15 years of experience in automation systems and network communication systems including data centres and the Internet of Things (IoT). He has managed award-winning projects in various sectors, including hospitality, banking, and residential properties. Mr. Ghaly is also the owner of ELECO, a network and home automation company in Egypt, and one of the proud sponsors of KNX Userclub Egypt.

User Club Manager

Userclub Manager, Mohamed Ibrahim, is a KNX certified partner with experience in developing and improving KNX projects. Currently working in Saudi Arabia, he has been instrumental in executing large-scale projects within and outside Egypt.

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